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What Our Customers are Saying

No More Itching

"Our daughter has terrible skin eczema. I first was given a sample of Blue Heron Soap at the Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC 2008. After just using the soap for one week there was no sign of skin eczema and I don’t even need to apply lotion to her anymore. Before using this soap, we were using steroids every other day to manage her eczema. We are so pleased with your product. I was to the point that I was willing to try anything to help her, because of sleepless nights for both of us with her itching. Thank you so much. I tell all of my friends and people I work with about your soap."

- Jeremy Rose

Love at First Bar

"I bought my first bar of your soap at Amish Acres Craft Show in 2008 after a demonstration. My previous supplier of homemade soap discontinued her business and I have been trying various soaps looking for a comparable product for four years, which is the reason I stopped at your booth. My favorite so far is Seaweed Scrub. I have only tried two other of your bars and just ordered several different bars to try more. The free samples are an excellent idea. All I have tried lather well and leave my skin soft."

- Harriette

Almond Lover

"My friend went to the Southern Christmas Show in Charlotte, NC and bought your soap and shared the Almond one with me. It is great!! I love using it on my face, and it cleans so good. I have always used homemade soaps in our town but these are much better. I will tell others about your product. Thanks."

- Denise


"I have rosacea and would not use consider using any other bar soap. Thank you for all your good work!"

- Suzanne

Amazing Product!

"Being a body pampering addict, I have to say that I have just about used every soap and body wash out there and I have never been so pleased and amazed by one particular soap. I LOVE this soap. It is an awesome moisturizer in the winter and it smells so great! The first time I used the soap I couldn't believe how silk soft my skin was. I love almost all the scents, but I have to say that my favorite is the Blizzard scent! It is so relaxing after a long day working with middle school kids. I really enjoy the Cinnamon and Spiced Apple scent as well, and am considering using them as favors for my upcoming wedding in October. Thank you for bringing your product to the Big E in New England. I will without a doubt be buying these soaps over and over. Thank you for creating such an amazing product!"

- Katie

Lovely Skin

"Several years ago at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival a customer was raving about your soaps. His skin was absolutely lovely. He said he uses nothing but Blue Heron Soaps. No lotions. I couldn't believe it, but I decided it was worth a try. I have very severe sensitivities towards fragrances and most of the chemicals in standard bath products. I bought some Blue Heron soap and fell in love. Every year I seek your booths out at craft shows and load up. I use the Almond Oatmeal for bathing and the Honey Lemon for my face. People comment all of the time on my skin now, and say they can't believe me when I tell them my age!"

- Sue

No More Flaking Skin

"Thank you for making such a wonderful product. I tried your almond and oatmeal after purchasing a bar from you in Des Moines, IA at a craft show (the free sample peeked my interest). I find the aroma very pleasing, but the feeling of my skin is fantastic. I no longer race from the bath to apply scads of lotion which does really very little to relieve the dry burning left from most soaps. This is the first year of dry weather that I won't be dreadful of my dry flaking skin. I plan to pop some in X-mas stockings this year. My family will believe in Santa again...thanks to you!"

- Paulletta

A Special Gift

"Thanks again for making your wonderful soap. I always feel it is a special gift when I give it to someone and they always come back and tell me how much they love it."

- Marilyn

Healing Tea Tree Soap

"I thought I would say thank you for your efforts when making the "best handmade natural healing soaps." My psoriasis has almost gone into complete remission and I credit your Tea Tree soap with the greatest healing results. On those many times that the itching seemed intolerable, a shower with Tea Tree would soothe and relax with relief of the itching. Your soaps have made a big difference in our lives. Thank you again."

- Bev

Hooked on Your Soaps

"Of all the bath shops in all the cities in all the world, we had to bump into your soaps at the 1998 Renaissance Festival. Now, it's like and addiction. Now, we're totally hooked. Now, we find ourselves out on the street asking anyone who walks our way if they've seen you just so we can get a scent fix. Thanks a lot!

In all sincerity, Peggy, these are the most luscious soaps we've ever used and we are exceedingly grateful to you for creating such delightful bubbles to tempt our senses."

- In true devotion to Blue Heron - Thomas & Rachel

Smart Samples

"Your smart marketing with a sample of Almond & Oatmeal has me hooked - I'm getting some for my daughter also! Best of luck - you have a truly wonderful and natural product."

- Melissa

Your Soaps are Addicting

"Thanks so much for coming to my rescue during my Lemon & Honey emergency. I swear your soaps are addicting! I don't know how you do it, but I am so glad you do! Thanks again."

- Ronda

Improved Complexion

"I would like to thank you for making such an excellent product! I have noticed a great improvement in my complexion since I began using the Tea Tree soap. I am very much looking forward to trying the other soaps! Thanks!"

- Tracy

Great Lather

"We visited your booth last month and you gave us samples - we love them - especially the Almond & Oatmeal. They lather up great and don't leave your skin feeling dry. They smell wonderful, too. Plus, my blemishes have lessened a lot since using the Almond & Oatmeal soap!"

- Lisa

Best Soaps Ever

"We can't say enough about your fine soaps. We generally opt for all natural products and have tried several varieties of natural soaps over the years and, hands down, Blue Heron soaps are our favorite. We've tried almost all scents and haven't come across one we don't like. They all smell unbelievably great, lather like crazy, and last a long time. It's a real treat to get into the shower each morning. Plus, the Almond & Oatmeal soap has become our daily face soap - our complexions are the best they've ever been. Keep up the great soap making!"

- Robin and Kim

Perfect Shower Favors

"You gave me 21 slices of Almond & Oatmeal soap to use as favors at a bridal shower. I did. I had enough of your brochures to fold a soap sliver in each one before wrapping them in lavender tissue paper. They were well received and several ladies were already familiar with your company. Thank you for your generosity. I thought they made perfectly lovely little favors."

- Mary

Better Than Doctor's Treatments

"I have had acne for over 20 years and have spent literally thousands of dollars in doctors and treatments. I purchased your Tea Tree soap a couple weeks ago and started using it twice a day along with pure tea tree oil on the trouble spots. After two weeks my skin is clear. What a blessing you are. You have no idea how you have truly changed my life. It is so wonderful to not see a new problem every time I look in the mirror. Thank you so much!"

- Tammy

Works as Shampoo, Too

"I buy your wonderful soap every year at the Twin Lakes Arts Festival. I wanted to tell you that I started using the Tea Tree soap once a week as a shampoo bar and it has helped immensely with a scalp condition that I have. I’ll definitely be ordering more!"

- Sue

Your Soaps Make Great Gifts

"Thank you for your fantastic products. I was first introduced to them at a Renaissance fair in Minnesota. I bought several bars and was hooked. I have been ordering online for years. I give them as gifts. I am a Real Estate agent and love to give them in a basket as a house warming gift to my clients. I have never found anything like your soaps, not in the best bed and bath stores nationwide. I love anything Oatmeal, especially the Vanilla Oatmeal. I never have enough on hand and regret it greatly when I run out and stand by the mail box waiting for my order to arrive, which by the way is the fastest shipping I have ever experienced. I love your soap and your company."

- Dan

Absolutely the Best Lavendar Soap

"This is absolutely the best soap. The lavendar soap is our family favorite - even leaves a great scent in the bathroom after our shower! The softness of the soap, the clean feeling afterwards, and the gentle scent is why this is our gift to ourselves. I also give these to others who have had some difficulties; friends that have lost loved ones, or that have been very sick."

- Natalie

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