About Our Natural Soaps


Our soaps are so good because...

Blue Heron Soap is created using the time-intensive cold pour method which takes weeks from start to finish.  All Blue Heron soaps consist of natural plant ingredients, including food grade olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil – no animal fats, no sulfates, no parabens. Our soaps give you a rich, creamy lather, even in hard water. And they are so dense they last up to twice as long as regular soaps. 


Blue Heron Soap Company was founded by Peggy Breedlove-Gerard in 1999. In March of 2020 ownership changed hands to  Jen Miller who is interested in expanding and providing the same level of quality and service to which Blue Heron's customers have relied upon.  The same time-tested recipes and techniques are used for each step of the soap-making process, from carefully mixing each batch of soap to hand-cutting each bar, ensuring the lovely, high quality soap you deserve. 


We use 100% food-grade olive and coconut oils along with rice bran and palm oils in every bar. Then we customize our soaps by adding essential or fragrance oils.  Other carefully selected ingredients are added for their skin benefits and texture. 


More than two dozen soap varieties are made year-round and several others for special occasions. No matter the time of year, Blue Heron has a handmade soap that meets your needs. Contact us if you'd like gifts specially wrapped for weddings, hostess gifts or any other special occasion.

"Your hand crafted bar will leave you and those you love feeling nourished and refreshed." 

Our Soaps Are So Appealing

Blue Heron soap appeals to the eye.

Each bar is visually appealing and artistically decorated. 

Blue Heron soap appeals to the nose.

Our natural scents awaken the senses. 

Blue Heron soap appeals to the touch.

Our rich lather leaves the skin vibrant and refreshed. 

So Many Ways to Share

Blue Heron Soaps are great items for school fundraisers, corporate giveaways, party favors, private labeling, and more. 

Contact us for more information and volume discount pricing. 

Want to try a new scent or share our soaps with a friend? Free samples are available with any paid order; be sure to put them in your cart at checkout.